Lifestyle expert Stefaney Rants took a close look at CBD products from the Phyto Animal Health line of pet products, including the amazing wellness benefits offered by CBD, available in the HempMeds® store. The coverage aired as a lifestyle segment on WEtv that appeared in over 200 markets.

The segment examined CBD derived from hemp and the importance of supplementing your pet’s system with CBD daily. The products featured in this segment include Vitality-X™ THC-free CBD oil and HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts CBD-infused treats.

Vitality-X™ is a liquid CBD product that can be easily poured over your pet’s food or treats or given to your pet to lick right off the spoon. You can also drip Vitality-X™ directly onto your pet’s paws for them to lick off. Regardless of how you give your pet Vitality-X™, you can feel confident knowing that our Vitality-X™ formula removes worries about exposure to THC.

The second product featured in this video is our top selling HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts. These soft-baked artisan pet treats are infused with 4 mg of CBD per treat. These daily use CBD treats can be given to your pet throughout the day to promote cardiovascular function, support healthy joints, and promote neurological health and emotional behavior.

These products give HempMeds® customers unique ways to give their pets the CBD they need each day to optimize their wellness. You can find them, along with other great CBD products for both humans and their pets in our online store.